DSG technical support service set to create 2,000 jobs

Electrical retail giant DSG is set to create 2,000 new jobs to generate a new technical support service.

The company, formerly known as Dixon’s, expects to spend £50m over the next five years on ‘The Techguys’ service.

It will include a call centre and on-site visits to businesses and consumers across the UK.

DSG estimates that the technical goods market is worth around £1bn. Eight in 10 people in the UK need help with high-tech electrical goods, the company said.

“Technology is the circuitry of modern-day life and has become as important a utility as water, electricity and gas,” said John Clare, DSG’s chief executive.

“Domestic technical support rapidly will become as commonplace, if not more so, as visits from plumbers and electricians.”

DSG also plans to open 200 additional shops across the UK and offer 150 service points at its PC World stores.

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