DVD: Agreeing development objectives

Getting Personal Development Plans to Work
Price: £995 +VAT
From: Scott Bradbury
Contact: www.scottbradbury.co.uk

Scott Bradbury is making a name for itself by producing well-crafted and coherent training resources.

The tone of this product, like its DVD predecessors A Question of Evidence and Wham! Performance Coaching for Managers, is sophisticated, but practical.

The subject is simple: how managers can help their people think through their development objectives, and how managers can distinguish these from performance objectives. The viewer is shown how to do this by using the right questions to ask the learner to further their learning.

We see Maria, a senior manager, help Rafiya, a middle manager, hold more effective personal development reviews. They reflect on how he approaches Matt, who is lacking direction, and how she deals with ambitious Safal.

Like all Scott Bradbury videos, the viewer is given a handy mnemonic. This time, it’s AIM – which stands for Aspirations Interest and Measurable. Managers must find out an employee’s aspirations, align them with the interests of the organisation, and ensure the outcome is measurable.

A secondary benefit of the production is the encouragement towards coaching which Rafiya offers Matt. By leading on from “what changes do you have to make to yourself to achieve your aspirations?”, Rafiya asks Matt: “And what changes would make you an effective coach?” Key themes are married up in keeping with the film’s message that real motives lead to real development.

The accompanying user’s guide, which includes analysis of the scenes and ready-made training activities, enhances the pack and extracts appropriate material for discussion.

Relevance? 5 out of 5 stars
Interactivity? 3 out of 5 stars
Value for money? 5 out of 5 stars 

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