Most employees believe grass is greener elsewhere as internal knock-backs hit motivation

Six in 10 employees believe they need to leave their current companies to further their careers, research has found.

A YouGov survey of 1,300 workers discovered that workers feel neglected when it comes to internal promotions.

More than one-third said they had been knocked back for a promotion in the past, and 53% said their company’s approach to promotions was a mystery.

The survey, which was carried out for Investors in People, said the results highlighted the dangers of bad communication.

“Employers aren’t always in a position to offer promotion, but the way they handle this can have a huge impact on employee motivation,” said director June Williams.

Bosses need to be much clearer about the opportunities available, and create a clear plan of action for employees, she added.

“Without new challenges, the temptation is to seek progression by moving on.

“Not only does this cost employers as they spend time and money to replace staff, it ultimately benefits the competition who are only too happy to snap up the talent,” Williams said.

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