DVD: Coaching for better performance

Format DVD or video, leader’s guide, self-study booklet, power point presentation and various other materials for group and individual sessions
Price: £1,199
From: Aspina
Contact: www.aspina.com

This package centres around watching Ben, a manager, coach two very different members of his team. He works with the enthusiastic and efficient Sarah, and the bitter sceptic Steve.

Including Steve is a clever and engaging device on the part of Aspina, and keeps the storyline realistic. The well-scripted dialogue will probably raise a few wry smiles as super-keen Sarah says: “Coaching is about how we work and how to work better,” to which the bitter and twisted Steve adds: “That’s management-speak for giving us more work to do”.

There are no gimmicks here: just a neat and efficient enactment of Ben conducting every element of coaching, from how he engages his two team members at the start of a five-stage process, through motivation to action and review.

Managers or supervisors of teams of varying sizes would find this package a useful tool for learning or discussion.

This clarity is reinforced by a high standard of accompanying literature. The self-study booklet works well as it identifies and dissects the coaching model.

Aspina is keen to keep the learning alive. Participants using the self-study booklet can complete a scorecard at the end and, two weeks after the learning session, can access a free refresher course on its website.

The Leaders’ Guide has plenty of helpful prompts back to key points on the DVD, and will help delegates understand each stage of the coaching model.

I had some concerns about the definition of the term ‘engagement’ which is highlighted in the DVD and in the book as an emotional response. But this is tempered by some forthright approaches to performance and review.

The importance of clear, smart goals is emphasised throughout, which not only makes for joined-up thinking, but also keeps common confusions about life coaching and counselling at bay.

Relevance? 5 out of 5 stars
Interactivity? 4 out of 5 stars
Value for money? 5 out of 5 stars

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