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week’s e-biz news in brief.

the measure of online recruitment

British Army, BA and IBM are among those featured as case studies in Measuring
and Monitoring the Effectiveness of Online Recruitment, a two-day seminar on 23-24
April in London. Topics include online selection methods and the balance
between offline and online recruitment. There is also a workshop on 25 April,
which aims to be a step-by-step guide to assessing the effectiveness of your
online recruitment strategy. For bookings call 020-7915 5055 or visit the
website.  www.iir-conferences.com/onlinerecruitment

of experts helps reduce the risk

management specialist Russam GMS has set up an e-business management group to
help clients minimise the risks involved in e-business development. Russam GMS
has over 100 senior people on its register with proven e-business expertise.
"Using an experienced interim manager is fast, involves no recruiting
costs and deploys the relevant skills only for the duration of the
project," says John Wilson, head of practice for the group. "This
network of skills can help companies lower the risk of failure or cost
over-runs."  www.russam-gms.co.uk

cuts hospital admin burden

biggest NHS women’s hospital is aiming to streamline its staff’s administration
duties using Metastorm’s e-work software, which automates the processing of
hospital records. Information will also be linked to the medical community
outside Birmingham’s Women’s Hospital via NHS Net to improve communications
among GPs and services.  www.metastorm.com/

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