E-mail bullying on the increase

in six staff are bullied by e-mail, according to research released today.

poll of 3,400 staff, by internet job site reed.co.uk, shows that e-mail
bullying is more common higher up an organisation.

are almost twice as likely as secretaries to be bullied via e-mail on 28 and 15
per cent respectively.

report claims that e-mail bullying raises staff stress levels and can
drastically affect productivity.

per cent of staff have been so distressed they had needed time off work or had
left their job.

Ferrandino, director of reed.co.uk, said: "It seems that e-mail bullying
is getting worse. The real problem lies in the medium itself. It is just too
easy to send an e-mail while tempers are running high, ignoring the effects it
might have.

are much more likely to take offence to an e-mail." 

By Paul Nelson

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