e-news in brief: pension information expanded on line

William M Mercer has expanded and re-designed its on-line pension information service. In future, material will be published on-line at the same time as it is made available to Mercer’s own consultants. The site will also feature a new hot topics section with latest information on issues such as stakeholder funding, state benefits, trusteeship and contracting out.



Access abuse on the Internet alert

Web Watcher is a software package, developed by Cochrane Research, to stop employees from abusing access to the Internet. The software enables the relevant managers to be notified by e-mail the moment an employee visits a web site that isn’t considered business-oriented. The package is available from the Cochrane site (or via telephone 0870 800 6208) with a starter edition for five users priced at £99.



Exploit the potential of e-business

Henley Management College is introducing two programmes to help managers exploit the potential of e-business. Essentials of e-Business and Essentials of e-Strategy are delivered on-line via Henley’s web site. The courses aim to give participants an understanding of e-business trends and opportunities, as well as provide an insight into the key issues that are shaping the world of e-commerce.



On-line form can be completed offline

Mandoforms is a new type of on-line form said to be easier and faster to complete than traditional web-based forms. The forms, typically used on a recruitment web site or a company intranet, have special security software built in and can also be completed offline to save Internet connection costs. A freeware tool to create the forms can be downloaded from the Mandoforms site or a more sophisticated developer tool will cost around £99.


Free industry news service on e-mail

HR professionals can have industry news delivered to their e-mail inbox courtesy of a new site, HReSource. The free service, which has been piloted on Teeside, has been developed by David Laud of i2i Marketing Solutions, who worked for law firms offering employment law advice, and Alan Howard of H2Advertising. Contact David Laud at address below for further information.


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