EEF seeks chief executive after shake-up of organisation

organisation the EEF
is looking for a chief executive following a major management restructure.

The current director-general, Martin Temple, will take the new post of chairman in January 2008.

The replacement chief executive will focus on implementing the organisation’s new business strategy.

EEF president Alan Wood will be caretaker chairman for the rest of this year. Wood is also the chief executive of Siemens UK.

The EEF, which has about 6,000 members employing 900,000 people, provides business services as well as being a major campaigner on behalf of employers.

It has lobbied both Westminster and Brussels recently on issues including the importance of the Working Time Directive opt-out, the need for a simpler training system and dispute resolution.  

Wood said: “This re-organisation will enhance the range of business services that we provide to manufacturers and other customers and deliver the level of investment necessary to sustain them at a high level.”

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