Employers miss out on talent pool

The CIPD is concerned that employers are missing out on a pool of talent,
following the release of the Personnel Today and Refugee Council research.

CIPD chief economist John Philpott urged employers to consider employing
refugees and asylum-seekers to fill skills gaps.

He said, "This survey says to the profession that there is an important
and untapped resource out there."

He believes HR professionals should adopt the Refugee Council’s code of
practice on the employment of refugees -Êonly 40 per cent of employers actually
use the Refugee Council’s code.

"HR needs to develop a much clearer response with regard to assessing
the qualifications of refugees," Philpott said.

"Government policy needs to change and there definitely needs to be
some sort of official database of refugees looking for work. It would give
employers much better access to their skills and qualifications."

The groundbreaking research sends out important messages to government,
employers and refugee organisations, claims Patrick Wintour, director of the
Employability Forum.

He said, "The Home Secretary will publish a White Paper early next year
which will include proposals on refugee integration and citizenship – I hope we
shall see an effective strategy for training and employment."

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