Employers unlearn the training habit

number of employers providing on the job training has fallen, according to the
latest government research.

Learning and Training at Work report 2001 reveals that 88 per cent of firms
offered job related training in the last 12 months – a drop of 4 per cent since

was also a decline in off the-job-training by employers with only 55 per cent
providing it in 2000. This represents another four per cent drop from 2000.

the report, which was published by the Department for Education and Skills,
also finds that the proportion of employees receiving off-the-job training has
increased slightly to 28 per cent.

three quarters of employers provide job specific and Health and Safety
training, with the amount per employee rising to 2.3 days compared to 1.7 days
in 2000 and 1.6 days in 1999.

the companies that provided the training 55 per cent report that it would lead
to a formal qualification – a drop from 56 per cent in 2000.

By Ross Wigham

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