Employers will drive home phone ban

A new law which would make it an offence for drivers to use hand-held mobile
phones is likely to extend to employers who cause or permit the use of such
devices by their employees while driving.

The Department for Transport concluded its consultation on the proposed new
offence last month and is expected to bring legislation into effect early next

Company car drivers have been shown to be among the worst culprits for using
mobiles phones while at the wheel and pressure is growing for employers to take

"We want to see employers introducing clear policies to stop their
workers using mobile phones at the wheel, whether hand-held or
hands-free," said Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at safety campaign
group Rospa. "They should do this as part of their policies to manage
occupational road risk and under their responsibilities to keep their employees

The new law will also prohibit the use of hand-held phones used with an
earphone and microphone, leaving employers to pick up the tab for fitting
company cars with dashboard mountings for hands-free kits.

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