Enforce policies to keep your data safe

A report from analyst Gartner suggests UK businesses are impeding rather than assisting staff in their work due to a lack of integration and co-ordination between IT systems, tools, policies and procedures.

Out of the thousands of organisations that provide internet access and e-mail in the workplace, many fail to implement proper controls and security to manage how employees use the systems.

Many companies find information security a distraction and hope they can avoid having to do anything. Then there are those that believe a quick technology fix is all they need to banish threats forever.

Both types are kidding themselves, and by not taking the situation seriously, they open themselves up to serious repercussions.

There are simple steps to providing resourceful and effective communication and information tools, and avoiding potential security vulnerabilities.

All companies must have acceptable use policies in place to govern how internet and e-mail are used, and it is advisable that technology is implemented to enforce these policies.

In addition, ongoing user education to make staff aware of specific security threats will be a significant boost to any company’s security.

Internet and e-mail are undoubtedly integral parts of business communication and efficiency, but they will only be effective if employers realise their responsibility to manage use of the systems from the outset.

Steve Purdham
CEO, SurfControl

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