Engagement is key to retention in the upturn

Best Companies is a workplace engagement specialist which aims to “help make the world a better workplace”. Over the last decade they have researched more than one million employee opinions from thousands of organisations across the UK giving unparalleled data and real-life examples of best practice in this field. 

From their 2010 survey process, research has found employees from organisations awarded with their Three Star Accreditation Standard are the least likely to move with 88% of survey respondents saying they wouldn’t leave if offered another similarly paid position.

Over the past year, as the job market shrank, many people decided to stay where they are even if they’re not that engaged in their work. One in three employees surveyed are neither engaged nor disengaged. These ‘floating voters’ will be a key aspect of your engagement strategy. This year will be a true test as employees will start to think about voting with their feet. HR campaigns need to be aligned to target all employees, ensuring recruitment, retention, employee engagement and internal comms are working together to sway your floating voters to engage with the organisation.

Every organisation across the UK will have these ‘floating voters’ who aren’t strongly engaged nor disengaged but simply sit on the fence. It’s so easy to focus on the strongly engaged or disengaged as they are more visible and more vocal. Politicians know that an election campaign is won or lost by the party who can win over the most floating voters. So too will your talent be retained or lost by the success of your HR campaign to engage your floating voters.

See what your employees say it’s like to work for your organisation by registering to take part in Best Companies Accreditation and The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For process, after all, they know better than anyone!  To register your organisation click here and click ‘Register Now’ from the top right of the screen or call a member of the Best Companies team on 01978 856 222 for further details.

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