Equal pay dream drifts out of view as women in marketing fall further behind male counterparts

The gender pay gap in the marketing profession is getting bigger.

A salary survey by the Chartered Institute of Marketing found that the differential between men and women’s pay continues to grow, and the lion’s share of this year’s pay rises will go to those at the senior levels of the profession.

The survey found the difference between the salaries of men and women is most significant at director level.

In 2004 and 2005, female directors earned about 3% less than men. But this year, while women director’s pay has risen to an average of £61,000, their male colleagues can expect to earn £75,000 – 18.6% more.

Across the board, marketing professionals received pay rises of 3.1%, broadly in line with the national average. However, those at the top of the profession secured the largest pay rises – while those below board level were awarded salary rises of 3.5% or less, directors pay was increased by 4%.

When it comes to comparisons with other professions, once again it is those at the top of the tree who are doing the best. While those in senior middle manager roles and above earned on average at least 1.3% more than their colleagues down the corridor in finance, IT or HR, junior middle managers are paid nearly 4% less and those in the most junior positions are paid nearly 7% less.

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