TUC calls for minimum of 28 days’ paid holiday

Plans to increase paid holiday will bring huge benefits to workers and employers alike.

So says the TUC’s submission to the government’s <A href='‘>consultation on increasing the statutory minimum annual leave in the UK.

The report said that increasing the minimum amount of annual leave to 28 days for full timers is affordable and the government should ignore employer claims that the proposed changes will prove too expensive.

Currently employers can force staff to take the UK’s eight bank holidays from their annual leave entitlement, leaving some staff with as little as 12 days’ holiday.

The government plans to abolish this practice from next October.

Using official figures, the TUC has calculated that about two million individuals will be holiday winners, with staff employed in shops, warehouses, health, cleaning, and bars, hotels and restaurants most likely to benefit.

The TUC submission said employers should welcome the proposed changes. Employers who offer a decent salary and benefits package find it easier holding onto staff and holiday-poor employees are likely to be less productive, it said.

Brendan Barber, TUC general secretary, said: “Increasing the minimum amount of holiday leave is another step down the road to a better work/life balance and that is good news for workers and for their bosses.

“Everyone needs a decent time off work if they are to avoid feeling overworked and stressed. The increase in annual leave will give employees time to recharge their batteries and return to work refreshed.”

The consultation closes on 22 September.

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