Essential Negotiation

Author: Gavin Kennedy

Publisher: Economist Books

Pages: 256

Price: £10.99

ISBN 1861975708

This book is a guide to the rudiments of negotiation, not just in the business world but across most situations we face in daily life.

Essential Negotiation is a well presented and neatly laid out book with cross-references highlighted in small caps. It is clearly a reference guide only to help the reader understand and manage the process of a negotiation.

Kennedy stipulates that there is no right or wrong way to negotiate and that your style will depend largely on your own personality. It is a book full of practical tips and simple ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’, with all sections clearly labelled and in alphabetical order.

The writer’s aim is to prepare you for what may happen within a negotiation. It is not a guide to ‘bluffing’ your way through the negotiation – these are seen as counter-productive, nor does it provide other ‘tricks of the trade’ to unnerve or unsettle the other party. It is a practical, concise book full of hints and tips to be used as an aid in the preparation of a negotiation.

This is a handy pocket or desk reference book covering the most common (and several previously unheard of) terms and jargon used in any aspect of a negotiation.

 Useful? ****

 Well written? ****

 Practical? ***

 Inspirational? **

 Value for money? ****

 Overall ***

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