Euro London Appointments flies the flags for teams in South Africa

Euro London Appointments, the specialist multilingual recruiter, is gearing up for a competitive few weeks ahead. With the World Cup in full swing the competition is not just on the pitch in South Africa but also in the various Euro London offices throughout the UK as its employees from all over the world cheer on their teams.

In the recruiter’s London office, employees are supporting no less than six different World Cup teams:  Japan, Holland, Germany, Italy, and France and of course England – and other offices have similar situations. As a multilingual recruiter, Euro London ensures that all of its employees speak more than one language enabling them to test the skills of their candidates and recruit the best talent for clients.  Inevitably there are representatives from a large proportion of the World Cup teams.

“We’re more interested in the World Cup than most companies we know” commented Managing Director Steve Shacklock. “With such a vast range of nationalities we are seeing and hearing about the World Cup on a daily basis and it is creating healthy banter amongst our consultants.  We even have recruiters from countries that are not in the World Cup this time round!” 

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