Executive Coaching – How to choose, use and maximise value for yourself and your team§

Executive Coaching – How to choose, use and maximise value for yourself and your team
Author: Stuart McAdam
Price: 12.99
Pages: 140
Publisher: Thorogood
ISBN: 1854182544


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If there is one aspect that is not up for debate about this book, it is the author’s qualifications. Seldom have I read such an impressive CV. If an aspiring coaching expert could choose their path through life, the influential posts in public and private organisations that appear on Stuart McAdam’s profile would feature highly.

And that aspect is quite important to note, as the whole basis for this book revolves around the author’s personal reflections and experiences. Of course, this does mean its relevance must lean more towards those readers working in similar large organisations who are also concerned primarily with the coaching of high-powered executives.

Having said that, there is still plenty that is relevant to all. Rather than focus solely on the mechanics of coaching, there are useful insights into the whole coaching environment. This includes both what to look for when choosing a coach and as a potential coach yourself, together with the professional institutions that are most significant.

Although peppered with scenario examples designed to bring realism to the points raised, I did feel it lacked depth in certain areas. There are numerous lists of do’s and don’ts, when an idea is useful, or things to look for, but these feel frustratingly superficial at times.

There is little doubt the author knows his subject well and has the experience to put his credibility beyond question, but the breadth of the book is perhaps a little wide to ultimately do each aspect justice. Conversely, the focus on high-end executives may also limit its market appeal.

Useful? Four stars
Well-written? Three stars
Practical? Four stars
Inspirational? Three stars
Value for money? Three stars
Overall Three stars

Reviewed by Julian Burch, director, Ten Elephants Learning & Assessment Design

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