Expensive employment tribunal awards: six-figure sums in 2015

While employment tribunal fees have drastically reduced the number of cases and typical awards for claimants are generally four-figure sums, tribunal decisions still occasionally cost employers dear.

We round up six-figure employment tribunal awards that employers were ordered to pay in 2015, with a total compensation amounting to £2.5 million.

1. Large award for caste discrimination claimant

In Tirkey v Chandok and another, a claimant who brought a groundbreaking caste discrimination case was awarded a total of £266,537.

2. Employees dismissed after raising commission concerns

In Gilmore and others v Vodafone Ltd, five salespeople who were dismissed after complaining about how their commission worked were awarded £264,349.

3. Mismanagement of sick leave was disability discrimination

In Turner v DHL Services Ltd and another, the claimant was awarded £257,127 over his employer’s lack of support when he went off sick as a result of work-related stress.

4. Redundancy of mother of disabled child

In J v H Ltd, the employer was required to pay out £251,460 to the mother of a disabled child over the way in which her redundancy was handled.

5. Dismissal of employee with acute anxiety

In Marcelin v Hewlett Packard Ltd, a claimant who was disciplined for, among other things, his refusal to consent to the release of a medical report was awarded £239,913 for disability discrimination.

6. Large award for senior NHS whistleblower

In Sardari and another v South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and another, the employment tribunal found that a senior NHS manager who raised concerns about an alleged biased recruitment process was subjected to a detriment for making a protected disclosure. She was awarded £228,778.

7. Deceased London Underground worker in large payout

In O’Sullivan v London Underground Ltd, a deceased London Underground worker was awarded £223,869 for disability discrimination. In the event of a successful claimant’s death, the tribunal award goes to the claimant’s estate.

8. Disability discrimination against ME sufferer

In A v S, an employee with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) was able to show that the way in which a move to a new role and her subsequent absences were handled was discriminatory. Her compensation totalled £192,656.

9. Financial officer dismissed after accounting disclosure

In Nishioka v C&S Shops Ltd, a financial officer who was suspended and summarily dismissed after raising accounting concerns was awarded £184,741 in a tribunal.

10. Employer admits constructive dismissal

In Asare-Brown v Mortgage 27 Ltd, an employer that admitted that it constructively dismissed a web designer after non-payment of wages was required to pay £130,702.

11. NHS worker awarded compensation for disability discrimination

In Waddingham v NHS Business Services Authority, the employment tribunal held that an NHS trust committed disability discrimination against an employee having cancer treatment who was required to undergo a competitive interview process during a redeployment exercise. The employee was awarded £115,056.

2 Responses to Expensive employment tribunal awards: six-figure sums in 2015

  1. Avatar
    Anita 1 Jun 2018 at 12:12 am #

    I have been discriminated at my work place they have failed to put the correct reasonable adjustments in place.

    Line manager making me do my work differently, forced back to work against all medical advise.

    Threaten me if I don’t go back to work the they can go down different stages and they can dismiss me.

    I have two ET claims against my employers. They want to do judicial mediation and have the audacity to say accept £4.200 but I can never ever bring this claim to the tribunal .
    I have refused, but they are continually making me accept.
    I feel totally grieved and offended how the Police service have treated me. If they do this to me as an employee what hope as a member of public got when they report crime. It’s horrific.

    • Avatar
      Maria Rooney 11 May 2019 at 2:47 pm #

      I have currently got 2 ET claims against my employers, I am a social worker & I know exactly how you feel about public services treating their employees! I was threatened with disciplinaries in the last 3 yrs of my employment. Do not accept the £4,200, you are owed a alot more for all the suffering & stress they have put you through!

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