Fair Care gives HR low cost, hassle-free Gym Scheme

Benefit solutions provider Fair Care have created a new scheme which they believe will revolutionise the current Health club/Gym/Wellbeing offerings that corporates give to their employees. The scheme, called Fair Care Health club and Wellbeing Scheme offers HR managers hassle-free, low headache, low cost and practically no administrative effort, entry into 2,100 nationwide Health Clubs, plus a range of other health orientated lifestyle benefits, such as discounts on health and fitness products and services, spa treatments, home fitness equipment and organic food delivery. 

Traditionally, the onus to provide gym membership has very much relied upon the hard work of HR staff, involving negotiations directly with a large chain of national gyms such as Canon’s or LA Fitness, to broker a good rate and handle all internal administration for that deal. Employees would then use that assigned gym, or perhaps other gyms in that chain – but the deal is generally exclusive to that chain. Fair Care is offering something far better. Imagine if that same HR person was to strike a deal with over 2,100 gyms, Health Clubs and Spa’s across the UK. Employees would now not be restricted to one club or indeed one chain…they could enjoy cost reductions on a health club near work, one near home for the family or a Health Spa for a short break. As well as being able to offer employees and their families access to the lowest, discounted corporate membership rates at over 2,100 health clubs, gyms and leisure centres across the UK, employees can participate in a range of online wellness and lifestyle assessments, coupled with tips and information to help them lead a healthier life.

Each client has their own branded home page for online employees access, with Fair Care handling all communication with the individual from that point onward. Entry into the scheme is just £100, with a monthly charge of 0.25p per person (£20 per month minimum). Although primarily aimed at corporate users, the low-cost entry of the scheme make it just as accessible to smaller organisations who would like to offer health benefits to their employees, but have previously been deterred by the charges, negotiation and the administration involved.

Philip Curtis, Fair Care Managing Director commented…

“The current health and wellbeing schemes available offer solutions very much at different ends of the spectrum. They are either expensive, high end schemes, usually offered as part of larger Healthcare programme, down to the basic gym membership at a club close to the office. We aim to provide a scheme that is all encompassing, but where the hard work is already done and only requires the company to want to participate. By providing a choice to the employee, with minimal effort to HR, we believe that the Fair Care Health club and Wellbeing Scheme provides great benefits and flexibility to office and home workers alike.”

About Fair Care

With approaching 1,000 clients throughout the UK, we have achieved an enviable reputation for providing comprehensive, managed solutions to employers of all sizes across all sectors.

We are an independent employee benefits business. Our enthusiastic and skilled management team comprises Human Resources, Finance and Marketing professionals, all of whom have significant experience in the employee benefits field.

Our wealth of experience allows us to tailor solutions to meet individual client’s needs. Supported by dedicated account managers and an in-house customer services team, the service levels we deliver are second to none. Implementation of our benefits schemes is quick and effective, with seamless administration, making the entire process trouble-free for employers.

At Fair Care, we foster a forward thinking, entrepreneurial spirit; and we listen to our customers. Combining our knowledge, experience, creativity, and tried and tested technology; we continuously strive to provide the best possible solutions across our product range.



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