Fake NHS sicknotes for sale on website

Fake sicknotes, which could end up costing UK employers millions of pounds a year, are being sold online.

The doctorsnotestores.com website is selling the fake doctors’ sicknotes for £24.99. The are almost identical to a genuine letter from a GP or hospital.

The site advertises a guaranteed delivery time of 48 hours for the replica certificates written on official NHS notepaper, with an authentic stamp.

A spokesman for the NHS counter-fraud squad warned that anyone caught using fake sicknotes would be open to prosecution.

“The NHS logo and letters are registered trademarks which are owned by the Department of Health. We can and will take action to ensure the NHS logo and name are not misused in any way,” he told BBC News Online.

“Selling sicknotes is not illegal so a person could type one up and sell it without being prosecuted. It only becomes illegal when you receive a payment or advantage, for instance paid time off work, because of its use.”

The website is also selling false medical certificates, school notes, solicitors’ letters and holiday insurance claims.

The Department for Work and Pensions warned that employers could end up shelling out millions in sick pay.

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