Fat cats offering feline incentives

A disciple who cryptically called herself H.E. made Guru rather excited this week by sending him a letter. Unless there’s a prize on offer, letters to Guru are few and far between now that e-mail has taken its place as king/queen of personal communications.

This letter was accompanied by a job application that H.E. found on the internet, which reads verbatim:

Project Manager. Based in North Shields, Tyne & Wear. [We are] seeking an experienced project or contracts manager to oversee the handling of contract documentation and then the installation of street furniture. There will be a good salary package along with a company cat. Interested candidates should respond by e-mail…

Note to HR: spell check on your computer will only pick up spelling mistakes, not random offers of household pets in remuneration packages.
Also worth a thought – what is street furniture? The last time Guru set up his sitting room on the pavement, the council sent him an angry letter (not e-mail!) complaining of illegal dumping.

It’s one rule for those with company cats and one rule for everyone else, clearly.

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