Job descriptions

Employers should formulate a job description when recruiting to a new position. When recruiting to an existing position, the employer should review the job description to ensure that it is up to date.

The job description should set out accurately the duties and responsibilities of the post and should be used with a person specification to identify the most suitable candidate.

One in three employees say their job is ‘low quality’

Research published today shows that 36% of UK employees report having a “low-quality” job.
Analysis of the Household Longitudinal Study...

Seven ways to create an awesome candidate experience

10 Sep 2019

Despite many employers making efforts to improve their candidate experience, some still fall short on the simplest aspects. Lee Biggins,...

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radisson red glasgow job ad

Three things recruiters can learn from the viral Radisson Red job advert

13 Jun 2019

A bizarre job advert calling for “creatives” to apply for a role at a hotel chain attracted plenty of online...

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Top 10 HR questions March 2019: Anonymous witness rights

2 Apr 2019

If a witness in a disciplinary procedure wishes to remain anonymous, how can the employer balance their privacy against the...

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Is blind recruitment truly gender blind?

22 Mar 2019

More and more employers are turning towards blind recruitment methods such as removing names from CVs to reduce bias. But...

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Man interviews an empty chair

‘Ghosting’ in recruitment: a growing candidate trend

15 Jan 2019

In the world of modern dating, few things leave the sting of confusion and despair as much as being ghosted....

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Royal roles among the most viewed in 2018

10 Dec 2018

A communications assistant to the Royal Household, Princess Anne’s private secretary and “astronaut readiness project manager” were among the most...

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How to use recruitment marketing data to attract the best job candidates

7 Oct 2013

It has been said that people do not want to feel like marketing targets. It is true that people don’t...

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Legal Q&A: Intellectual property clauses in employment contracts

7 Dec 2010

Intellectual property (IP) clauses are used in employment contracts, as well as contracts with contractors and consultants, in order to...

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Recruitment in focus: Protecting your employer brand in a digital world.

18 Aug 2009

In the current climate, recruitment is the last thing that organisations are thinking about. There is more talk about staff...

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Krispy Kreme to tempt recruits with doughnuts

13 Aug 2009

Krispy Kreme will use its doughnuts to entice new recruits when the company opens two new stores next year, the...

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Jobcentre picketed by anti-sex industry protestors

27 Mar 2009

Anti-sex industry campaigners have branded Jobcentre Plus ‘Pimpcentre Plus’ for continuing to advertise jobs in the adult entertainment industry.As the...

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Law in practice: discriminatory job advertisements

1 Dec 2008

Recruitment advertising has been in the spotlight recently after a landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) found...

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Top job: Neil Fletcher, head of Honda Institute, Honda

6 Mar 2008

Where were you working before?I was with Ford as a business manager, working with car dealers to improve their business...

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Top job: Richard Cove, executive director, human resources, NCH

14 Jan 2008

Where were you working before, and what were your duties?I was human resources (HR) director for Canon, responsible for developing...

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