Favourite blogs

The Pickle Fork

Any blog that includes a section on ‘rants and raves’ is a winner with me – not to mention the cheery picture of a pickle impaled on a fork. Blogger Gary Jensen is the chief learning officer at an Iowa-based training organisation, and his expertise is evident. He covers a diverse range of subjects, many of them of interest to the HR professional, including ‘Nine tips to shield yourself from employment lawsuits’ and ‘Do employees quit their boss, their company or their boredom?’.

Idea Burger

Not specifically for HR practitioners, but for anyone who recognises the need for a constant flow of good ideas, this blog’s mantra is ‘the cross-pollination of ideas trigger innovation, helping us fulfil our careers, and live lives better, fuller’. It might sound a bit like the musings of an old hippy, but the ideas are sound, and come from the likes of Peter Drucker and Tom Peters. Topics covered include ‘The changing face of business travel’, ‘People and environments’ and, ironically, ‘The dark side of blogging’.

Guy Kawasaki

Subtitled ‘How to Change the World: A practical blog for impractical people’, Kawasaki’s musings are varied and enthusiastic. He’s an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, so his opinions on HR topics are fresh. You will find the sections on recruiting and management especially useful, with their book reviews, analysis of job advertisements and interviews with experts. Kawasaki has friends in high places – contributors include the great and the good of the corporate world. He writes with a great deal of humour, although some of his references will be beyond those of us without a good knowledge of US corporate life.

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