Financial recruitment specialist chooses dashboard technology to analyse operational performance

Goodman Masson, the largest independent financial recruitment specialist in the UK with over 100 recruitment consultants has chosen Active Dashboards software from Dynistics to provide a highly visual graphical representation of key performance and operational targets across the organisation.

Active Dashboards is used to graphically represent individual consultants’ operational statistics as well as other key performance measures broken down by client organisation. The dashboard software is being developed and rolled out to the 15-strong management team to monitor real time financial performance and by the marketing team to measure return on marketing investment.

John Lawson, head of finance and operations at Goodman Masson said; “There are so many applications for the software across the organisation – if we have the data, we can now analyse it and use it to spot trends.
“We used to spend an hour each day pulling reports that were instantly out of date the minute they were printed; we can now see the data in real time which gives us an accurate picture of how the business is performing – allowing us to make faster and more informed decisions.”

The software will also help with staff training as consultants can log into the software and analyse their performance by client and against their colleagues. “We are able to see where newer employees may require some help and provide them with the relevant training to support them in their role,” said John Lawson.
“Active Dashboards is very easy and intuitive to use and being internet based, users will be able to log on from anywhere in the organisation. 
“The marketing team will use the software to analyse which adverts have yielded a response from a client or prospect – which is invaluable information when spending further budget.”

Goodman Masson has begun deploying the software and expects roll out to be completed before the end of 2010.




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