Firms cast wider net with web site plugs

Employers are ditching traditional recruitment adverts in favour of web site

The trend is being led by companies looking for hi-tech staff but is also
being used to recruit staff in other areas, such as sales.

Robert Mckerlie, managing director of High Point Advertising, which ran a
recent campaign for Bloomberg simply saying, "thank God it’s Monday, www.", said there are several advantages in directing candidates
to corporate web sites.

"You cannot tell someone everything you want to about your company in
an advert. Most recruitment adverts are just a re-hash of a job description but
this allows companies to use their budgets more effectively and allows
candidates to thoroughly research the company through the site before

Getty Images is planning to use the format.

HR director Ralph Tribe said the aim is to promote corporate image and
encourage candidates to send in CVs on spec. "That will allow us to trawl
through and match their profile to skills we are looking for," he said.

Shell used the format when it advertised for a head of e-commerce in The
Sunday Times last month. It read "e-visionary? We’d like you to look at

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