Firms tackle skills and diversity crisis online

Almost half of employers plan to increase the amount they spend on online
recruitment over the next year to combat ongoing problems finding people with
the right skills.

A survey by Workthing of 250 employers and 2,000 jobseekers’ attitudes to
online recruitment reveals that 47 per cent of recruiters plan to increase
investment in online recruitment and 85 per cent still have problems filling
certain positions.

Matthew Mee, group recruitment manager at the Tussauds Group, agrees online
recruitment can provide significant advantages in terms of speed and reach.

"Simply having an online recruitment system does not answer your
recruitment problems, but it does give you another tool to access people more
quickly and those you might not be able to reach using conventional recruitment
approaches," he said.

The study also finds that although most recruiters believe they are spending
too much time on application processing, 85 per cent are still sorting CVs by

The study shows that many employers don’t provide the information jobseekers
want on their company websites.

The top three criteria for looking for a new employer are: a secure
financial footing, good career prospects and competitive packages.

However, only 37 per cent of company websites refer to company performance,
29 per cent discuss career progression and less than half cover benefits.

Andy Baker, managing director of Workthing, said: Companies need to
understand how their online design, content usability and response handling
processes play a critical role in forming candidates’ opinions of their
business as a place to work."

By Ben Willmott

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