Ford moves up a gear with a mentoring scheme

Ford is launching a mentoring programme for students, design-ed to help the
company recruit the next generation of top managers and improve diversity among
senior executives.

The programme aims to enhance the personal and professional development of
30 high-potential undergraduates in their penultimate year of study. It will
enable them to draw on the knowledge and experience of Ford managers.

"The mentoring programme is part of Ford’s developing diversity
recruitment strategy," said Shaheen Akram, Ford’s diversity recruitment
officer. "We are creating innovative ways of attracting prospective
employees from throughout the talent pool, including female and ethnic minority
candidates who may not have always considered a career with Ford."

The programme will run for six months between January and July 2003, during
which time the undergraduates will receive five days training at Ford

The students will be expected to meet their mentor at least five times
during the training period as well as keep in touch with them via the phone and
e-mail. They will be invited to Ford’s graduate assessment centre as part of
the programme.

Managers will provide their students with advice, feedback and with a
personal development plan. The undergraduates will be mentored by Ford managers
from a number of different business functions including engineering, IT,
finance, marketing, purchasing, and HR.

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