Former GMB political officer awarded £41,000 for constructive dismissal

A former trade union political officer has received almost £41,000 in compensation after a tribunal ruled she was constructively dismissed.

An employment tribunal in Newcastle found the GMB union guilty of the offence against Jane Brown following a hearing in June. A remedies hearing awarded Brown a payout of £40,883.

Brown joined the GMB in June 1998, but was moved to another position in 2003 after an internal restructure. Brown said she had told her employers that she was unhappy with her new position.

She went on sick leave and eventually resigned, claiming the union failed to resolve her grievance properly.

The tribunal found the GMB was unreasonably unwilling to relax procedures and it failed to follow the grievance procedure, amounting to constructive dismissal.

The GMB said it would be appealing against both the tribunal’s original ruling, and the compensation order.



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