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360-degree feedback services and software

It’s a great idea in theory, but the 360-degree feedback system obliges HR
to undertake a lot of chasing to get responses back from managers and staff.
Web or intranet-based solutions, however, can not only make the process simpler
by using features such as automated prompts that chase for responses, but can
also add value by tailoring systems to core competency models. We look at four
providers below.

AI appraisal (Applied Information)

Version 5.0 of Applied Information’s software combines 360-feedback, skills
assessment, appraisal and personal development plan functions. Developed in
association with Clive Fletcher, professor of occupational psychology at
Goldsmith’s College, University of London, it now runs over the company
intranet. The service is hosted on the client site by Applied Information, but
can be branded with customer logos.

Users include: Ladbrokes, Home Office, Prison Service, Rexam

Digital Opinion

The service can be web or paper-based with the former running as an
ASP-based system. Digital Opinion can help with questionnaire and report design
and will integrate the system so that it is compatible with a client’s existing
browsers and internet protocols. Personal and group reports can be generated
within hours of the survey cut-off time.

Users include: Dixons, Debenhams

2020 Insight Gold (Shine)

Users can either buy the software on CD-Rom to run themselves, or use Shine
as a bureau service. The latter method means clients can run the feedback
programme on the web, an intranet or across e-mail with the web option proving
most popular at the moment. For this, users access a separate Shine website
which means no information needs to be loaded onto their own servers or

Users include: Bupa, Camelot, JD Wetherspoon, Tussauds Group

Team Focus

There are currently two online (intranet and web) options available: a
wholly managed solution where Team Focus will do everything from sending out
thee-mails to generating the reports at the end of the process, or there is a
Client Utility version, which you can run on your organisation’s intranet.
Systems can be customised to take competency frameworks into account, or there
is a range of off-the-shelf models.

Users include: Denplan, BP Energy

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