Get back to basics to ensure equality

There are certain subjects that it’s just not right to joke about. So, this is why Guru has to offer disciple Lynn his congratulations for wading in with no fear for her personal safety to one of said subjects, with all comedy guns blazing.

Dear Guru,

I have been following with interest the debate about the granting of special leave for IVF treatment, and while I have every sympathy for those affected, I am concerned about potential discrimination.

If leave is offered to those who undertake IVF treatment, should similar arrangements not be offered to those using ‘more conventional’ methods? This then raises further questions: What is a reasonable amount of time? How often? Will evidence be required? How will age discrimination legislation be applied?

Disciple Lynn

This is, indeed, a complicated matter and Guru is determined to look at it from every angle before deciding what his favourite position is (on the matter).

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