Getting It Done Yesterday

Format: DVD with learning guides and handouts
Price: £1,199
From: Aspina

The opening sequences of this latest release from Aspina show factory manager Boyd struggling to do his job. His staff ignore him as he flounders with a crucial order. Luckily this was just a bad dream and when he wakes up he is inspired to start afresh, aided and abetted by a new mnemonic, CAESAR.

This imperial catchphrase stands for employees being:

  • Clear about what’s required
  • And
  • Empowered to carry it out
  • Supported
  • And
  • Recognised.

Thank goodness he wakes up, as the first part of the film is quite irritating. But once we’re in mnemonic land, it zips along at a cracking pace. The newly energised Boyd is inspired to lead his staff. He gives them crystal-clear instructions to which they respond positively.

The quality of the second part of the film is reflected in the standard of the learning guide and handouts. Each mnemonic is explained in the guide, which also uses the well-known SMART goal-setting method to explain CAESAR. It includes worthwhile advice on empowerment and what makes a winning team, and a snappy top 10 guide to what employees want.

In all I would recommend this as a resource for supervisors, team leaders or novice managers, and by making the most of the extra learning guides any trainer would be able to offer a full day on first line management.

Relevance? 4 stars (out of 5)
Interactivity? 2 stars
Value for money? 5 stars

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