Giunti Labs’ latest solutions on show for the Ministry of Defence

Giunti Labs, a leading global vendor of learning content management solutions (learn eXact LCMS) and digital repository platforms (HarvestRoad Hive), has its latest, state-of-the-art learning content solutions on show at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Modern Learning Symposium Event (MLS).

The MLS, which is being held on HMS SULTAN at Gosport near Portsmouth, on 19th November, provides an opportunity for the defence sector to explore and examine some of the latest developments in learning technology.

MoD figures show that 30 per cent of training exercise cancellations in the past year were put down to ’savings measures’. In addition a recent paper, written by the Policy & Management Board from the United Kingdom National Defence Association, posed the question, ‘Is a lack of training in the Royal Air Force leading to unacceptable stress in the air transport and helicopter fleets?’

JJ van Delsen, Giunti Labs’ sales director in the UK, commented: “At Giunti Labs, we save organisations money and resources in their learning content development and delivery. Our technology and processes enable large and small content development projects to deliver quickly and with excellent, consistent quality.

“Giunti Labs also has an advanced federated digital repository system, which allows content to be accessed from different and remote locations,” he added. “This is already in use with several defence organisations around the world.”

Giunti Labs, with its many years of expertise in building intelligent databases and the application of learning technologies standards, such as SCORM 2004 and technical publications specifications, such as S1000D, is able to organise vast amounts of data, and make this data not only deliverable but also usable by service personnel – often ‘in the field’.


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