Giunti Labs showcases location, mobile and skills-based learning content personalisation

In a world of rapidly developing competition, organisations need to re-invent their training style and effectiveness if they are to keep their talents and competencies up-to-speed, believes Giunti Labs, the global vendor of learning content management solutions and digital repository platforms.

This includes supporting clients to identify their workers’ skills, knowledge and competencies, as well as helping them to deliver the right learning content just in time, where and when the user needs it. Today, organisations must identify gaps in their employees’ knowledge and competencies at a faster, continuous and granular pace – and then take steps to remedy the diagnosed skill gaps as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible.

Increasingly – if it is to be effective in eradicating a skills gap – the learning experience must take into account the learner’s learning background, study track, likes and dislikes, abilities and disabilities, location and device used to access the learning materials.  Among other things, this means providing today’s workforces with learning contents in which are embedded a high degree of adaptive personalisation when these contents are accessed.

This requires new generation developments in learning content management, enabling the rapid automation of learning content individualisation. In turn, this should allow the delivery of just the right amount of knowledge, at the right pace, as and when needed, on whatever delivery device a worker has available at his/her location.

At  the Learning Technologies 2010 event, being held at Olympia 2, in London, on 27th and 28th January, Giunti Labs will be presenting new modules and products resulting from these research projects – which are adding location, mobile and skills-based content personalisation features to its world leading LCMS solution: the learn eXact Enterprise Suite.

In particular, at Learning Technologies 2010, Giunti Labs will present:

  • The new eXact Portfolio suite offering state-of-the-art learning portfolio and skills management features. This web-based eSkills and competency management software includes a full skills management application dealing with topics such as apprenticeship, validation scenarios and peer ratings, as well as new concepts such as skills crews and skills snapshots

  • The first outcomes of its new eXact Mobile 2.0 roadmap which, during 2010, will provide location based mobile content delivery with in-the-field collaboration support tools on an increasing set of handheld devices, starting with Blackberry™ Windows Mobile™ and iPhone™ devices.

The new skills and mobile personalisation features will be presented in two custom presentations being given at a seminar in the Learning Technologies exhibition and at a Learning and Skills event. Other visitors can discover more about Giunti Labs’ products and services by visiting stand number 21 in the Learning Technologies’ exhibition hall.

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