Giunti Labs’ workshop in Seoul in September outlines innovative solutions for educational content production, sharing and management

Giunti Labs will deliver a workshop on new generation online and mobile learning content production and management at e-Learning Asia in Seoul, South Korea, in September.

Giunti Labs, provider of the learn eXact online and mobile learning content management solution and Harvestroad Hive Digital Repository solutions, is running 90-minute seminar on innovative and creative solutions for new generation educational content production, sharing and management. The seminar – which takes place on Wednesday 2nd September – is part of the e-Learning Asia conference (2 – 4 September), being held in Seoul, South Korea.

Participation in the half day workshops is free and is available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. To reserve a place this workshop, contact Minna Leikas, Giunti Labs’ marketing manager at

The workshop will introduce new generation, state-of-the-art learning content production and management standards, such as IMS Common Content Cartdrige and OKI OSIDs Open DR Access and Federation Services, as well as showcase Giunti Labs’ engagement into world-leading research & development initiatives and real cases.

It will also showcase R&D projects, such as the MOBIlearn, Sculpteur and Wearit at work projects from the EU Research Framework. These address new generation mobile, wearable and virtual worlds based learning.

In addition, delegates will be introduced to market projects such as the Saudi Maknaz Initiative, for sharing educational resources in all the Kingdom’s universities; the Cegos SoftSkill training catalogue, for the production of Europe’s leading multi-language soft skills training catalogue, and the UK NHS R-ITI initiative, one of the world’s most effective medical education content production initiatives to date.

The workshop is intended for academic and corporate CIOs and CLOs, along with strategy decision makers who want to implement new digital content production, management and sharing strategies, by implementing learning content management system (LCMS) and digital repository (DR) solutions in their learning organisations behind their existing LMS and VLE set-ups. This should allow them to achieve wider reusability, interoperability, accessibility and durability of learning materials while sharing them among federated DR networks and empowering new generation learning experiences personalised to the device, location and background skills and portfolios of target users.

At the accompanying e-Learning Asia exhibition, Giunti Labs is launching new releases of its globally acclaimed online and mobile learning content management and digital repositories (DR) solutions – learn eXact LCMS and Harvestroad Hive DR.



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