Give ’em the Pickle!

Give ’em the Pickle!
Produced by Media Partners
Price £799
Rental price £279
Distributed by Video Arts


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I was so intrigued by Bob Farrell and his training gherkins that I decide to go back to his roots – the first pickle training package.

Produced in 2002 but only recently made available in the UK, Give ’em the Pickle looks at how to find out what customers want and then make sure they get it.

Its premise is that great companies focus on four key competencies: service, attitude, consistency and teamwork.

The DVD comes with a conventional course leader’s book. This covers many aspects of running a session, right down to planning flipcharts.

It is presented as a “meeting in a box” package, with a hardback book of Farrell’s early days and pocket cards and pickle pins.

It is not as sparkling as the leadership product.

Some of the messages are delivered through tired footage of a younger-looking Farrell addressing a seminar, but it is still great fun and would be suitable for frontline staff in any service environment, perhaps as part of an induction package.

Relevance? four out of five
Interactivity? three out of five
Value for money? four out of five

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