Give Orme a chance and get on with the job of being successful

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s chief executive Jackie Orme quite rightly reminds the profession to ‘stop wasting its time by justifying its worth’ (‘Orme: My results will speak for themselves’, Personnel Today, 10 June). I absolutely agree. But I am quickly reminded of how many in our profession turn this into a debate about our role and standing… again.

For heaven’s sake, can we stop this constant re-examination and justification of ourselves. It is boring and does us harm.

My position is clear. I am fed up with those among our ranks who do not think HR needs to get wise. In our closeted, administrative mindset, we are expensive. Instead, we need to do value-added. If anyone disagrees, then I suggest they go back and get a job as a clerk. Those who want to avoid being downgraded and in the doldrums can then get on with the job of helping our organisations to become more profitable and successful. Talk to any senior HR figures – David Fairhurst, Bev Shears, Angela O’Connor, Duncan Brown – we all say the same.

Give Jackie Orme a chance – I have been impressed with her so far. And the views she has expressed have suggested that she knows perfectly well where to take the profession.

Martin Tiplady

Director of human resources,

Metropolitan Police

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