Glasgow City Council redundancy deal targets over-50s

Scotland’s largest local authority is to offer redundancy deals to all staff over 50 as part of a cost-cutting programme.

Glasgow City Council is to write to all 3,500 employees over the age of 50, outlining voluntary redundancy packages, including optimum pension entitlements and a severance deal. These terms will be reduced for staff not accepting the offer by March 31st 2010.

As part of the deal, employees over 50 who already have a pension will receive up to 6.6 extra years’ pension and up to 30 weeks’ redundancy pay. Those without a pension can apply for up to 66 weeks’ redundancy pay.

Martin Doran, of GMB, the union representing the staff involved, said that the council was ‘taking a monumental gamble by releasing a reservoir of talent.’

Glasgow City Council is under pressure to save a minimum of £34m next year, reports the Herald Scotland.

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