Global diversity study unveils universal employee needs


A 30-year global study on the impact that diversity has on productivity has found that the employment needs and expectations of employees are the same around the world.

Sirota Consulting has examined the attitudes of more than three million employees worldwide and found employment needs and expectations can best be summarised in three categories:

  • Camaraderie – having warm, interesting, and co-operative relations with others in the workplace; achieving a sense of community and belonging

  • Achievement – doing things that matter and being enabled to do them well; receiving recognition for accomplishments and taking pride in them

  • Equity – being treated justly in relation to the basic conditions of employment, particularly with respect to others in the organisation and minimum personal/society standards.

The study found that organisations that create an environment of inclusion can expect their business to be one that:

  • fosters innovation

  • creates a safer work environment

  • drives employee engagement, commitment and pride

  • sees a positive impact on customer satisfaction

  • drives financial performance.

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