GMB calls for equal pay systems

GMB union has launched a campaign calling on Government and employers to
introduce equal pay systems.

to the union, women employees in the UK earn 19 per cent less than their male
counterparts, while women working part-time earn up to 40 per cent less.

GMB is collecting signatures for a petition which will be handed to trade and
industry secretary Patricia Hewitt next year.

Constantine, head of equal rights for the GMB, said the general public was
disgusted that a pay gap still existed and signatures were being gathered at a
rate of three per minute.

a national disgrace that after 30 years of equal pay legislation women lag so
far being male workers. It’s clear that employers will not address this issue
voluntarily, so a legal obligation to force them to check pay is fair is the
only realistic approach," she said.

By Ross Wigham

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