goFLUENT’s New Vice President – General Manager for Europe

The leader in distance business English training, goFLUENT, has appointed Jean Paul Minarro as its Vice President – General Manager of goFLUENT Europe.

Jean-Paul Minarro joined the goFLUENT team in January this year. Previously, he was the European Vice-President of several American software companies, including McCormack & Dodge, Ingres, Oracle Applications, Informix, BEA and Siebel Systems, specialising in computer software and applications.

Prior to joining goFLUENT, Jean-Paul was the Senior Advisor of the Board of Directors of the French software company, Exalead.

Christophe Ferrandou, CEO of goFLUENT, said, “We’re delighted that Jean-Paul Minarro has joined our senior management team to help us develop and implement a business strategy that will enable us to meet the continually rising demand for our services around Europe. At goFLUENT, we are enlarging and refining our services so that professionals anywhere on the continent can improve their business English skills, should they so desire, and Jean-Paul’s ultimate task is to reach these clients.

“His business expertise is evidenced by the masterful way he handled companies with annual revenues from US$ 50 million to US$ 400 million, and we consider him to be an invaluable addition to our team, especially when it comes to increasing our business to business (B2B) client base.”

Jean-Paul Minarro commented: “The goFLUENT method of language learning, which consists of e-learning combined with telephone support and conversation practice with native English speakers, is proving to be both popular and effective. My objective for goFLUENT is to significantly increase its B2B business.”

“I’m looking forward to working with the goFLUENT team to meet the growing demand within Europe for business English, since it’s becoming the lingua franca of business around the world.”

Mr. Minarro has a degree from ESC Toulouse and is a chartered accountant.

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