Good communication vital in a good leader

Skilled communication has been ranked as the most important attribute of a
good leader in a new survey.

A study by Roffey Park finds that 84.6 per cent of the 372 managers surveyed
believe skilled communicators make good leaders, making this the most favoured

Other essential factors include honesty (80 per cent) being open and
consultative (77.3 per cent) and the ability to skillfully manage change (75.4
per cent).

There were some discrepancies between expectations and reality. Although 92
per cent of respondents say that being a leader is part and parcel of being a
good manager, only 49 per cent report top managers in their organisations have
the ability to lead.

Respondents felt leadership could be improved through better communication,
focusing more on people rather than tasks, and clearer vision and greater

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