Good relationships with managers are vital

Managers hold the key to employee engagement, according to a recent survey by Personnel Today’s sister publication IRS.

‘Relationships with managers’ was cited as the factor that has the most significant effect on employee satisfaction and commitment. Sixty-three per cent of the 81 employers surveyed held this view.

‘Relationships with colleagues’ came a close second with 60 per cent, followed by ‘quality of line management’ (57 per cent) and ‘leadership visibility and confidence’ (55 per cent).

All agree that a committed, happy workforce is vital for business success, and 98 per cent believe there is a business case for investing in initiatives to improve employment relationships. However, 47 per cent also believe there are times when morale must be sacrificed in pursuit of profitability.

The survey shows that employers are showing increasing concern over maintaining healthy staff relationships, and that efforts to improve communication and collaboration have paid off for many organisations. Eighty-eight per cent of the 81 organisations surveyed said they have sought to improve employee engagement. Initiatives include communication exercises, such as ‘brown bag’ (packed) lunches, brainstorming sessions and director roundtable meetings.

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