Good response to job ads spooks MI5 paymasters

More than 4,000 people have reportedly answered the Government’s call for
more secret agents to help with the UK’s ongoing fight against terrorism.

The would-be spies present the recruitment agency being used by MI5 with a
huge challenge in selecting the right people and filtering out unsuitable

Diversity will also be a key issue, with foreign language speakers and
ethnic minorities thought to be desperately needed in the fight against

Earlier this month, home secretary David Blunkett announced a major
recruitment drive at MI5 which is now looking to hire an extra 1,000
intelligence officers.

However, former MI5 intelligence officer and whistleblower David Shayler
criticised the agency’s HR practices and claims its upper class image is well

"Intelligence officers tend to be public school and Oxbridge
educated," he said.

He said the entire HR function should be outsourced to improve the way MI5
deals with personnel issues.

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How spooky can you get?

Have you got what it takes to be an MI5 spook? With the Government looking
for 1,000 extra intelligence officers, Personnel Today has teamed up with
psychometric testing experts Personality Assessment Solutions to devise a test
to identify if you’ve got the aptitude to serve queen and country in secret.

We have studied the websites of MI5 to try to identify what
personality traits and behaviours are associated with success in the
‘intelligence’ community. We then related those traits and behaviours to ‘The
Big Five Personality Model’ and created a short test to measure them.

Although we can’t promise respondents an actual job at MI5
we’ve got the next best thing. The person with the closest match to a secret
service recruit can either enjoy a 007-style BMW driving experience at
Rockingham race course or be pampered like a Bond girl on a deluxe spa day.

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take the test. GO TO

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