Government approves sport, creative and hospitality skills academies

Skills minister David Lammy has expanded the National Skills Academy network with the approval of three new academies: Sport and Active Leisure, Creative & Cultural, and Hospitality.

The new academies aim to reach more than 400,000 learners over five years, representing a significant boost to the UK’s talent pool.

Skills Academies have been created to solve specific and potentially acute skills shortages in their respective sectors, enabling employers, government and other stakeholders to work together and identify training needs.

There are now nine approved academies, representing progress towards the government’s target of having a Skills Academy in each major sector by the end of 2011.

Lammy said: “By making a long-term investment in high quality training, tailored to specific sector needs, the employers involved in these partnerships will reap dividends in terms of enhanced productivity, creativity and competitiveness.”

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