Government launches advice leaflets for overseas workers

from new EU member states coming to the UK to take up job opportunities must be
protected from exploitation by unscrupulous employers, according to consumer
minister, Gerry Sutcliffe.

was speaking at the launch of two employment rights leaflets that give
information to potentially vulnerable workers about employment rights and tax
and National Insurance responsibilities under UK employment law.

leaflets have been produced for Polish and Lithuanian nationals after the two
countries’ governments agreed to work with the DTI. The initiative follows the
successful launch last year of a similar leaflet for Portuguese workers.

workers, who are entitled to work in the UK, are frequently recruited by
agencies for jobs in the agricultural and service sectors, but often arrive in
the UK with little or no knowledge of their employment rights, the Government

said: "Workers coming to the UK from all the EU member states have the
same rights as UK workers. They can help fill important roles where there are
often skills or labour shortages, but it is simply unacceptable for any workers
to be treated unfairly."

new leaflets, translated into both languages, provide guidance specific to each
country, and other general guidance on working in the UK, including workers’
rights under UK employment legislation, and various useful contact numbers,
both at home and abroad.

include government departments and agencies that can help when things go wrong.

from Citizens Advice Bureau shows that migrant workers can face problems linked

Low pay – often below the National Minimum Wage

Poor standards of accommodation

Lack of awareness about their employment rights – EU workers may not be aware
that they have exactly the same employment rights as UK nationals, but they are
often told by the agencies that they are illegal immigrants within the UK,
creating a culture of fear and reluctance to seek advice

Language barriers – EU workers who don’t speak English find it difficult to
seek advice when they have problems.

By Michael Millar

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