Government launches TV advert campaign aimed at employers to drive up UK skills

A government TV advert aimed at employers to drive up UK skills will air on ITV1 tonight (Monday).

It follows the launch of the multi-million pound TV, radio and online skills campaign, ‘Our Future. It’s in our hands’, last week, which aims to encourage individuals to consider taking up more academic and vocational-based training, to learn new skills.

David Lammy, skills minister for the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS), said he wants businesses to respond to the employers’ advert by assessing their staff’s qualification needs, and considering whether they could do more to improve the skills of their workforce.


The advert for employers will continue to use the ‘hands’ theme, already seen in last week’s TV adverts, to tell the story of a moving truck going towards a skills destination.

The multi-media campaign will run for three to five years, costing £28m. It follows the report by Lord Sandy Leitch last December, which said the UK must improve its skills base by 2020 to compete with global economies, or face a “bleak future”.

John Denham, skills secretary for DIUS, said he hopes the campaign will create a change in culture among employers and individuals towards learning.

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