Government programme aims to boost civil servant skills

A new programme to develop and improve skills in the Civil Service has been announced by cabinet secretary Sir Andrew Turnbull.

The ‘Professional Skills for Government’ programme aims to turn civil servants into experienced managers as well as experts in corporate service such as HR.

Individuals will usually specialise in one area, but they will be expected to gain experience of other areas.

“Professional Skills for Government will mean that as people rise to more senior positions in the organisation or we recruit people from outside, they will be much better equipped with key business skills, in-depth knowledge of their own professional area, and with experience across different areas of the business,” Turnbull said.

The three broad categories which the programme centres on are:

– Policy expert/analyst – individuals will have skills in economics or social/scientific research, they will have experience of managing the business of government and most importantly will make change happen.

– Operational delivery – people will be skilled in the design, management and direct delivery of public services and have experience of large-scale project management.

– Corporate services – experienced and professional people working in corporate functions such as financial management, HR and communications.

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