Half of all UK employees will spend today job hunting

Today will see nearly half of all UK employees assess their career options and search for new jobs.

A survey of 1,500 people, conducted by online recruitment firm Jobsite.co.uk, found that more than four in 10 respondents plan to hunt for work this month, with the majority starting today.

Almost half of respondents used the festive period to assess their career, with 62% saying they think the New Year is an ideal time to make a new start.

The second most popular day is 31 January, according to Jobsite when most people receive their first pay cheque of 2008. Six in 10 people will spend more than two hours a day on their New Year jobhunt with four in 10 doing so during work hours.

Keith Potts, CEO jobsite.co.uk, said: “The New Year is often seen as a good time to make changes and start afresh. With time off over Christmas to reflect on your current job situation, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the first Monday back in the office (7 January) sends most people looking for something more fulfilling.”

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