Have a rant – Leaving human resources behind is easier said than done

I read with interest (and a smirk) the rant regarding human resources and its fierce protection of its own (‘Cross-fertilisation in HR, Personnel Today, 9 October).

I work in HR, and am fed up with the constant battle of self and departmental justification to the workforce. I have, therefore, decided to leave, due to the constant mauling of pompous managers not wanting to listen to the voice of reason and experience when dealing with things that are essentially HR.

Now, are other functions hesitant and cautious about employing someone with an HR background? Do we really have that much of a reputation?

I can only conclude that, as one of the functions that is commonplace in most companies, we get a bad reputation.

How about other functions consider that we are not difficult employees and do have transferable skills? We don’t just sit in office spouting the rights and wrongs of the world but do, contrary to belief, have some understanding of business requirements, and yes, can think strategically, and yes, actually know a few jokes.

Now, (as I calmly put the mouse down) I do find it ironic that there are people who find it hard to get into HR because they don’t have the qualifications or experience. It is just as hard to get out of HR because of our ‘reputation’.

‘You wanna be in my gang?’ Well, not any more, but gosh it’s hard to leave.

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